Hardware/Software: Audio Interface

Inception is a prototype audio interface purposed towards bringing the audiophilic sound of a high quality recording studio into a home recording environment. This interface has two input channels and as such, two identical pre-amps, designed from the ground up. The texture of these pre-amps can be attributed to their discrete design and the colour brought about by the input and output transformers. 

Inspired by the preamps embedded in classic analog consoles such as those of NEVE or API, Inception also includes other features which are present in these desks. The interface is designed so that the audio signal clips in the analog circuitry before it would do so digitally. This allows the user to achieve more saturation without giving rise to the unwanted artefacts and displeasing sound of digital clipping. The interface also boasts a phase-inversion switch and a tone knob for each channel. These features allow the user to quickly manipulate their input sources to taste before getting lost in the overwhelming plethora of options presented by digital mixing. 

Inception manifests in the form of a piece of technology, the trend in the rising number of bedroom producers while paying tribute to the highly sought after sound and workflow of analog production equipment. The ethos that the project hopes to encourage is letting equalisation, saturation and colouration become implicit in ones signal chain without the option of deleting the plug-in that is responsible for it.